Freelance Digital Marketing consultant in Chennai

As a Digital marketing consultant in Chennai, I have to do a freelancing project for start-up companies over 1 Year and I am successful in that. Implementing PPC media strategies to a customer to generate more leads to the site. Also, I am doing SEO freelancing, PPC Campaign creations, Social media marketing, and Lead Generation.

Google adwords/PPC specialist

As a Google Adwords specialist, I am offers services in lead generation, Conversion and Re-marketing to a customer. Google Adwords is well known as Pay Per Click Model because this process has been working in PPC  and I am a specialist in few things which is Search campaign, Display campaign, Shopping campaign, Video Campaign, and App campaign. I have been using this module to drive conversion, drive website traffic and Get more leads and convert them into a sale. 

Bidding Types

CPC- Cost Per Click

CPM- Cost Per Miles

CPV- Cost Per View

CPA-Cost Per Acquisition

CPI-Cost Per Install

These are the 5 bidding strategies used in worldwide advertisers to reach their goal.

How I help you to get your ad top on Google Rank?

        1. Increasing Quality score by doing keyword analysis, Click Through Rate(CTR), Landing Page Speed, Using Negative Keyword to neglect unwanted keyword terms, Creating an Ad copy with a form of text and Creating high-quality ad content,
       2. Making your ad group small and adding more relevant keywords for your business to get a high quality score.
       3. Adding main meta tags on your website.
      4.Using Long Tail Keyword so that users more likely to click your ad. Instead of creating a single word.
      5. Using a strong call to action button will help them to understand what they can do once they reached your landing page.
     6. Creating multiple ad groups to test out which one is performing better than others so that we can choose our best ones to show. Google will show us which ad group is performing better and its statistics.

How does SEM works for You

1. Google Adwords/PPC campaign will allow us to drive instant traffic to our site.

 2. Adwords will allow you to target your location and show your ads to them instantly.

3. You only pay when an end-user click on your ad.

4. Google Adwords allows you to bid on your keywords.

Who I have worked with

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