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Why SEO freelancer Need for your companies?

There is more number of SEO freelancer in Chennai but they rank your site with right keywords, This is the question you need to ask your SEO freelancer first. Best SEO Expert job is to get your website higher on google by applying technical SEO into your site. There are 200 factors in Google. As a digital marketer we need to follow google guidelines to get our site in the search engine result page. I have been doing freelancing SEO projects for the past two years in Chennai and I specialized in search engine optimization.

 I  have been following my own strategy to make your site visible on the first page of Google SERP page. Keyword research playing a major role in search engine optimization. Choosing the right keyword is the biggest task in google ranking. Ranking an ineffective keyword is pointless in google ranking and Makes sure to place the right keyword in the right place.

Keyword Research in SEO

 As a seo freelancer you need to know how to find effective keyword for your business and how to use t effectively. The first phase of SEO is to do keyword research for your website. There are so many keyword research tools available online. In fact, the ineffective keyword can cause all future SEO work can be meaningless.
The initial keyword list will be created from the following condition such as,
  1. The keyword that you rank already but not on google 1st Page.
  2. Your competitor ranked keyword but you’re not ranked on that keyword.
  3. Relevant keyword neither you or your competitor not used so far.
  4. The keyword that most people are searching for using keyword research tools.
  5. Reducing the broad keyword you have used on your website.
  6. Using a long-tail keyword for a very effective search term.

I will do proper keyword research to find out the best possible solution for your website. Using that technique to drive relevant traffic to your website as soon as possible. I try to find out every possible way to beat your competitor in the business industry.

On Page SEO

The second phase of SEO is to do on-page optimization to your website. On-Page SEO practice of optimizing web page content for search engine and user. These are my process going to do in your site to fix on-page issues.

  1. Optimize your web page with unique content.
  2. Optimize meta description and title
  3. Fixing 404 Error page and redirect page to reduce bounce rate.
  4. Reducing landing page speed and minify CSS
  5. Increasing click-through rate.
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Off-page SEO is the practice of implementing SEO techniques outside the website. As a freelancer or SEO expert job is do generate more backlinks. The website that has more backlinks will be shown higher on google. The domain score is based on the number of google factors do you applied to your site. This is the list of the way I can generate quality backlinks to your site

  1. Make your social media profile more engaged. This is  one of the best way to get more traffic.
  2. Creating shareable content by others
  3. Contribute as a guest author for your site.
  4. Working on google my business for local SEO ranking
  5. Link building from other Sites.
  6. Blog Directory submission

These are the possible way I could help with you to generate backlinks for your site.  I have been working in Chennai since my graduation. If your belongs to Chennai it could best way to choose chennai based Seo freelancer in chennai. So that you get more details about your site continuously. if you require any SEO consultant or SEO freelancer or even if you looking for Best SEO expert consultant, You can reach me entering details through my site saranrajdigital or you can make a call to my number given below.   

Specialized SEO Skills:

  1. 200% Result oriented SEO freelancer in Chennai.
  2. Unique & attractive content writer.
  3. Highly skilled in On page SEO optimization.
  4. Drive traffic to your website within 3 month duration.
  5. Cost effective SEO freelancer in Chennai.
  6. Finding a best possible to target your niche audience.
  7. Lifetime free consultation for your business