How to Create a Google Search Ads- Steps to Know

How to Create a Google Search Ads

This article explain you how to create a google search ads in few simple steps. Search ads are well known as paid ads that are visible on the first page of the search engine result page(SERP). Search advertising is a platform where we can promote your business or promotes your product and advertiser has to pay for every click of their ad. The web pages result is based on your query placed in the search engine. For example

when a user searches for a query like fresh flowers online and it shows some page with “Ad”  and these are paid ads.

Google Search ads display Picture

Above Result showed based on my request query, So when you place a query online, it shows according to your criteria. Search ads are google ads where advertisers pay to the brief advertisement, services offerings and generate mobile application install within web page users. Here we will see how to set up a search campaign and how does it work.

Steps to create a Google Search Ads.

On the web page, search->Google Adwords and click that top link and it gets to your respective web page and clicks the sign in, fill up with your Google account and proceed.Here you can see AdWords dashboard where we are going to create a search campaign

Search Ads campaign Creation

When you new to Google Adwords create a campaign without a goal so we understand with ease. Click->Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance

Select Campaign Type-Search

Select the results you want to get from this campaign-> Website Visits                                                                                                                Here we can see a lot of things like website visits, phone calls and app downloads, So based on your client requirements we need to create a campaign according to it. In order to achieve a goal, we have to know our targeted audience. So that we can proceed with our ideas to generate leads and then convert them into product or sale.

Enter your website and proceed->                   If you don’t have a website take any one your website and get start.I started with my own site here.I will show above step with demo.

Select search ads from campaign distribution

Upon filling all the details and the next step you need to create a campaign name for that. Assign a name for your campaign and proceed. Like if your going for lead generation assign it as Lead generation else choose on your requirement.

Assigning Campaign name for google search ads

If you want to choose a network along with a display network else to check out the display network.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network is designed to help you find potential customers. To find the targeted audience at the right time. Your ads will show on display networks like Google mail, Youtube, Website, and other related google sites. It can get your ads in front of a targeted audience across the globe.

After completing the campaign name and network we have to select our location where we going to advertise. Here you can find an option to include or exclude the audience in your targeted location based on interest or searching for your targeted location.

Location Selection

Here we can find an option to choose your targeted audience. The first one was “Targeting”, the targeting option will narrow the reach of your ad group, so your ads will show to people who have an interest in your selective items. Here the second one was “Observation”, this selection will never narrow your ad’s visibility

Example selected audience

Audience selection for google google search ads

Budget and Bidding Strategy

  • Conversion
  • Conversion Value
  • Clicks
  • Impression Share

Enter an average budget you want to spend each day. For example, enter a budget like 10$, Here you have an option like clicks maximize bid so that google will increase your bid limit to reach your targeted audience, If you haven’t reached your goal click that maximizes bid action.

Ad Extension

Set Up ad Groups

Ad Group is a container for your keywords. We can create multiple ad groups for a single campaign. A single ad group consists of your product keyword or providing service to the audience and the keyword consists of many parts like a broad, broad match, phrase, and exact keyword. The keyword has variants when a user search one query and the search engine result page will show related variants of that particular keyword.

keyword Explaination
Ad Group selection with targeted keywords

So based on your product or service, We need to create a collection of keyword for a user to search and we need to analyze how a user would think and what the keyword will be.

How to Create google Search ads:

Ad creation is a part where we going to create an ad with the headline, image, and description of product. Now, we have to choose an effective content for a user to click. Create an ad that closely related to them of your keywords. Assume that I have created an ad for a digital marketing agency. So my example keyword in ad group be like “Award-winning digital marketing agency”

Example keyword “Award-winning digital marketing agency”.  If I create an ad with that headline so that the user thinks to click that keyword and content description should be important, the advertiser has to create better content for the customer thinks to click. We have an option to choose a path for the ad is to go, when a user clicks an ad.

How to Create Google Search Ads

This is the page where we can create an ad.

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