Create Popup in WordPress in Simple Steps

What is Popup ?

This article will explain how to create Popup in WordPress. Popup  is mainly used to display an image or content with or without user interaction. When a user mouses over through a button or clicks a button popup will display. Now,  let us see the steps to create a popup in WordPress without doing any coding in it.

Steps to create a beautiful popup:

Step1: Download PopBox For Elementorplugin from WordPress

Popbox for Elementor

Step2: An Admin menu will be added to your WordPress Dashboard on the left-hand side named PopBoxes and Click an “Add New Popbox” button to create a new PopBox using elementor or WordPress page builder.

Create Popup In WordPress

Elemenor Page For Create popup

Here is the way you can create a popup box in Elementor. Once you navigate to the Elementor page you can use elements to create a design. If you want to create a Box or sign up form or some notification button can create it.

Popup Page Will like this after creating popup in elementor

This is our final WordPress popup will look like. Once you create it choose a page where to display and how to display it on your page. I have created a popup page for my own site Saranraj Digital. This is how you can create a WordPress for your website.

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