Bat Morks Gameplay and War battle 2020

Bat morks adventure game play and war battle 2020

About Bat Morks Game:

Bat Morks gameplay is a freemium mobile or system based video game that was developed and Published by Indian game developer Saranraj Digital. Bat Morks gameplay was initially released in a mobile platform on February 12th, 2020 and later it was released in computer platform on February 16th. Soon it was rated as the top-rated video game in 2020. The game is set in a fantasy-themed where a player is a bodyguard of that treasure.

Bat Morks task players to build their own treasure using the resource gained attacking other players through the game’s fighting features. The main resource is gems, gold, diamonds, silver, bronze, and platinum. Players can conjoin to create a clan, Group of up to 10 people who can then participate in clan wars and donate any resource(Gold, diamond, silver, bronze, bronze, and platinum)  to his teammates. The player can use their resource to upgrade their building to protect their treasure wisely.

Bat Morks was released to generally positive reviews from critics


Bat Morks is a top-rated online multiplayer game in which players form groups/teams and attacking other players to gain resources like Gold, Diamond, silver, platinum, and bronze. The Player town was located in a sea where the player needs to keep their village safe. We can use our resources to upgrade our battle troops and bodyguard. Also, we can use silver, gold, and bronze to upgrade our walls and defense and Platinum used to upgrade our bodyguard.Bat Morks Game treasure Storage town

The game starts with level 1 and we can go up to 20 levels. Also, we can upgrade our bodyguard up to 20 levels.

BodyGuard(Bat Morks):

Bat Morks bodyguard picture
Bat Morks Bodyguard

Even we can name it our bodyguard as bat morks as per our convenience. A bodyguard can create any amount of fire/freeze to attack the enemy town. A player can do a number of attacks per day. There is no conditional attack for each player. Bat is a kind of mammal and has the ability to navigate at using a system of acoustic orientation. The game developer had an idea of a bat and created a game on its ability to navigate. It has a face of human with wings to fly in the air to target the enemy and steal a resource from their opponent town.

War Battle:

War battle is a place where a player can attack an opponent and gain a resource from their treasure. when a player attacks an opponent, they receive rewards/resource-based upon the destruction caused to the opponent player town. A rating can be rewarded how much percentage you caused to the opponent town and rating defines in a star based upon construction percentage. BodyGuard lead your army troops to enter into the core base of the opponent. So that your army troops will fight against them and gain a resource on that battle. The reward resource can differ from each level once you enter into level 20 you gain a lot of resources. You can use a bodyguard ability once they reached level 5, 10, 15, and 20. You can use an ability during the battle

The friendly challenge was introduced in Bat Morks to allow teammates to compete amongst other teammates. The clan in the group with the most star will be promoted to a higher, while the least star will be demoted to the low league. Every league has an icon to notify where the player was ranked.

Development and Release:

Saranraj Digital developed and released a game called Bat Morks. According to a media report, the company encountered no major hurdles during gameplay. The game took me just 1 day to build and release in all platforms. The people from foreign countries asked Saranraj digital to release a trial version of Bat Morks.

Why Bat Morks gameplay was so famous in 2020:

There are two reasons to say why bat morks rated as top-rated or most famous video games in 2020.

1.Gaming Control-

Gaming control gives you an option to navigate one place to another place without any difficulties. User chat system/ Audio help to communicate your teammates and specialized touch screen control.

2.Gaming Graphics

High-end gaming graphics gives you a natural game look and designed to support all platform.

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